Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ok, I know. I KNOW! Where have I been? I haven't written a syllable on this blog since November! Strangely, the wonder and excitement of my life (while it would have been interesting reading) kept me buried, tired, drained and...secretive, happily secretive. My joy felt too intimate to share, BUT today -- TODAY the weather, the tender green things emerging from sleep, the breeze carrying birdsong through my window...I want to sing out the thoughts I've held inside! You didn't hear from me on January 1st because TODAY is my New Year's Day. My life, my world is beginning a new phase, a new path. Back in January I had a thought in the dim moments of the night just before sleep fell: "Can any of us choose a day at random, declare it holy, and make a resolution that changes our life?" That's what January 1st seems like -- a day chosen at random, but a day chosen at random FOR us. One day we're supposed to wake up and suddenly resolve to never do this or that again, to floss, to cut down on dairy, to jog everyday, to lose 20 pounds? Maybe the reason none of us ever keeps these resolutions past Groundhog Day is because it was chosen at random FOR us. When are you ready for a change? Do you have to wait until December 31, 2007? Or could you wake up one day on June 12th, September 5th, or tomorrow April 4th, and just say: "My life is new. Starting today, I am different. This day is holy, and I choose to change."
Soon I'll be starting new career, a career I never would have imagined for myself in a million years had it not been for the choices I've made over the last eight months to take hold of my life and stop floating on the waves of chance and the winds of the past. I'm not going to share my resolution with you. It's mine. And yours can be yours too, but make it. Don't wait. You know what you want for your life, and you have the power to choose your life's course. Today is a holy day.